Naughty SSBBW Sunshine or Nice SSBBW Sunshine?

June 21, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

40 is the new 30! Pink is the new Black! Naughty is the new Nice? Is naughty the new nice? Is fat the new skinny? Seems like things are always changing and bad girls are in demand! Do you prefer me nice or naughty? Do you want a good girl or a bad girl? Maybe a good girl who knows how to be bad? Come see this new update where I show you both sides of me. The sweet little good girl who flirts and teases and the bad girl who can rock your world with all 500lbs of this big fat sexy bod.

SSBBW Sunshine Pure in White

May 18, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

Virgins wear white. That’s what I was always told. Maybe that’s why this sexy lingerie set is more of a “off whiteâ€� It looks a bit like a cream color, I think creamy is a much better way to describe me than virginal and pure. Cum join me for this sexy set of me fitting my big fat body into this too small nightie. Watch as I stretch it over my lumps of soft hanging fat rolls and my big double belly.
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SSBBW Sunshine Naked Show Off

May 4, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

I am in love with my own body! I can’t help myself, when I feel my soft fat and look in the mirror and see how voluptuous I look with all this weight I’ve gained recently I feel so beautiful and feminine. In this new update I show off all my big bodied, big hanging double belly sexy body. Join me for this HD Vid of me walking around jiggling and bouncing as I show off my super sized body in all it’s glory.
http://Http://  or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

SSBBW Sunshine Cooking Tutorial

April 25, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

In my new update I’m having fun playing chef, pretending I’m a cooking show host. Only maybe not safe for TV. Come enjoy this new update as I show you how I’m almost too fat for the kitchen and my big low hanging double belly just seems to bump into everything. Watch me waddle around the kitchen as I prepare the meal then give it a sexy SSBBW thumbs up as I taste test it!


April 19, 2018 admin 0

I’m back and bigger than ever! Come over and see this great new set of me posing and showing off my big soft fat body. My big low hanging belly is fuller, fatter, heavier and sexier than it’s ever been.  My big thick thighs are so meaty with the extra rolls of fat hanging down rubbing together as I jiggle around. Join now and get all of my great older content as well as this new update and many many more to come!!!! bbwsunshine – BBW SSBBW SunShine Rae