Ice Cream Eating Fatty – SSBBW Sunshine

August 4, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

It’s hot in Texas and there is nothing like ice cream  to cool a SSBBW fatty off. Check out that big roll of back fat shown off by my super tight dress as I make a banana split. I’m such a messy girl I can’t seem to stuff my face fast enough and the ice cream is dripping everywhere. I just end up pulling my dress down to make for easier clean up. Maybe you would like to help me clean up the mess? Join me now for this messy feedee set and much much more naughty fat girl fun!  SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf   or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

SSBBW Sunshine Trying on Fan Gift

August 2, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

I love it when I get spoiled! Watch as I model this sexy super tight and clingy dress. It’s gorgeous as it hugs every curve and fat roll on my super sized body. Of course if I’m a naughty girl and bend over you see all of my sexy ass and cellulite covered hanging thigh fat. Should I be good and wear tights under it or be naughty and give free peaks to deserving bad boys Join me now for your very own peak under my dress. SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf   or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

SSBBW Sunshine Corset Try On

July 25, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

Corsets just scream sex unless you’re over 500lbs and it barely fits. I think my corset in this new try on video is screaming help as it tries to hold in all this lovely big hanging double belly! Watch as it gives up and rolls up my big belly and rest below my overflowing tits. A sexy new update you don’t want to miss! SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf   or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

SSBBW Sunshine Shower Pics & Vid

July 7, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

Hey sexy! I’m happy too see you! This Texas heat has me hot and sweaty. I need someone to help me with this shower. Grab this big soapy puff and scrub ALL of me! Start at my shoulders and slowly work your way down my body! Make sure you don’t miss a inch of my big soft fat body. Remember to get between those big hanging rolls of fat!  http://Http://   or SSBBW Sunshine – SSBBW Sunshine at BBWSurf

SSBBW Sunshine Naked Belly Play

June 29, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

I love how filled out my body had gotten with the weight I’ve gained recently. Especially my big soft hanging belly. When I stand it covers half of my thighs, when I sit I have no lap, when I lie down it flows out in front of me like a big soft lake of fat waiting for someone to dive in. In this new update I rub and squeeze my soft belly, lifting it up and shaking it around like a massive bowl of jello.

Naughty SSBBW Sunshine or Nice SSBBW Sunshine?

June 21, 2018 SSBBW Sunshine 0

40 is the new 30! Pink is the new Black! Naughty is the new Nice? Is naughty the new nice? Is fat the new skinny? Seems like things are always changing and bad girls are in demand! Do you prefer me nice or naughty? Do you want a good girl or a bad girl? Maybe a good girl who knows how to be bad? Come see this new update where I show you both sides of me. The sweet little good girl who flirts and teases and the bad girl who can rock your world with all 500lbs of this big fat sexy bod.